Week ending 25th October

25th October 2020


Entrance next to Poundstretcher

Bus routes  11, 18, 19, 38, 48 stop outside

Routes 45, 47, 49 stop and Kings Norton Station 200m walk.


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Last week we fed 121 people (71 adults 50 children) on 51 vouchers


We used 1,224 kgs of  food

We received 3,0945 kgs.



Urgently Required:  
    Long life fruit juice,shower gel, soap, tinned rice pudding, tinned potatoes,  custard, tinned spaghetti, tinned macaroni cheese, hot chocolate, milk (blue-long life), toothpaste,  single packed toothbrushes,  shampoo, roll on deodorant, washing up liquid, sturdy bags for life

Lower in Stock:  tinned fruit in juice (rather than syrup), tinned meat (ham, corned beef, chopped pork, meat chunks in sauce), tinned vegetables (peas, carrots, mixed veg, sweetcorn), coffee, treats, instant potato, squash, instant coffee laundry liquid/powder, disposable razors
Not Required Currently:  baked beans, soup, tinned tomatoes, pasta shapes/dry spaghetti, tea, tinned fish, tinned meat products (spag bol, sausage and beans, meat balls), pasta sauce , bottled water, thin carrier bags, nappies, sanitary products, biscuits, sugar, rice, cereal and porridge ,Christmas puddings

Emergency food for people in crisis.

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