Please think ahead for December donating!

8th November 2023

Ok, apologies, it’s only the 1st of November but it’s a good day to remind our wonderful donors and supporters that we really need Christmas donations in by the middle of December, so today could be the times to start your reverse Advent Calendar!
Want to try? This is how it works – for 24 days (or as often as you can!) you put aside an item a day that we need for our parcels.
You can start anytime, but please try to get your completed donations to our Warehouse by Friday 15 December, so that we can get them out to the people who need them in time for Christmas.
This applies to Christmas collections you might do at your workplace or school too, it really helps to get the food in early so we can distribute the week before Christmas.
Thank you!
For a full list of what we need most and for other information take a look at our website. Thanks!

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