Helping B30 Foodbank and all those bereaved by Covid-19

13th January 2021

David and Sheila Gompertz have been long-term supporters of B30 Foodbank. Sadly, last year, Sheila died of Covid-19 in April.
In her memory, David has now made a significant donation to the Foodbank, but also wanted to tell our supporters about the campaign he and his granddaughters set up to remember all those lost during the pandemic.
The ‘Yellow Hearts to Remember’ campaign has provided support and a community for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one during the Covid-19 pandemic.
David explained that first of all he thought of yellow ribbons for remembrance, but his granddaughters pointed out that as we could not shop and not many people would have a ribbon, then maybe a yellow heart in a window would be a better way to spread the support.
Since establishing the campaign it has received national coverage and continues to support families and individuals dealing with the most devastating effects of Covid 19.
Our sincere condolences go to David and his family, together with thanks for the donation in remembrance of Sheila. The donation will go a long way to help other families affected by the pandemic in lots of different ways.
For more information about the ‘Yellow Hearts to Remember’ campaign click on the link below:

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