Mum of five left with nothing while waiting for Universal Credit.

23rd April 2019


Benefits claimants who are switched onto universal credit have to wait at least five weeks without money before they receive their first payment.

K is a 36 year old mum with five kids at home. She came to the foodbank for the third time in quick succession after she was moved onto universal credit, following a missed assessment for disability benefits.

“I’ve had absolutely nothing for nearly five weeks,” she explained. “I’ve called every day to try to get access to something, but the universal credit people just told me to go to the job centre and get a foodbank voucher.”

K said she asked for an advance loan, but this was refused because of official restrictions on repayment.

“It’s been a nightmare, especially with five children, a struggle. I still have to put food on the table and get nappies and stuff. It’s been hard, really hard,” she said.

K wanted to thank all the supporters who donate to the foodbank. “Obviously, at first I didn’t want to go to the foodbank. It’s down-grading. But everyone’s very welcoming and I don’t know what I would’ve done


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