Week Ending September 14th

24th August 2019

Urgently Required:  
Not Required Currently:   baked  beans, vegetables, tea, pasta and biscuits.






B30 Foodbank: w/e September 14th,  2019

Last Week we fed 228 people  122 adults 106 children on 97 vouchers.

We used 1758kgs of  food and received in 814kgs of food.

Urgently Required:  rice pudding, whole milk, sugar, fruit juice, smash, custard, coffee and hot chocolate, squash, macaroni cheese and treats.
Not Required Currently: Pasta, Baked Beans, Tea, Biscuits and vegetables.





B30 Foodbank Warehouse,

Unit 9, Castle Road, Kings Norton Business Park, B30 3HZ

is open 2.30-4.30. on Tue and Fri.

Same times as the foodbank but parking is easier at the warehouse.

Emergency food for people in crisis.

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